sobota, 01. september 2012

seaside 2012

I decided! I will write about my holidays at the seaside. And I will start now, here.

day 1

We left home at six am. Oh, this long ride (4 hours i think)… I felt so tired when we came in Gajac. Firstable I went to check the beach out with my brother and it was ok, actually very nice beach. Then we went swimming, and after I made some pictures.. first day was cool. and we went to Novalja too, in a shopping center!

day 2

 I woke up at ten o'clock and I ate.. made some pictures with my two brothers, made some pictures of myself alone to, ofcourse. we love to play cards when we are at the seaside, so we were doing that alot, this day too. I think that nothing important happend.. when the sun went down, we went around Gajac and well, nothing interesting to write!

day 3

woke up at eleven.. eat, take a shower, do some pictures, shave my legs, washed my hair, babysitt my brother for an hour i think… this day was spent as every day here is.. normal. I went to the beach only for an hour, maybe even less. Because I couldn't swimm.  Later, at about 7pm we went to Novalja in shopping again. and there a hot black guy (i'm in love with them) give me a cute look and winked me!!! After shopping we went for a walk in Novalja. It isn't as cool as I tought it is, but it was nice anyway. I had a great time. 

day 4
pretty much cool, normal ''seaside day''. 

day 5

 -In love with this song

day 6

day 7
day spent at the beach! later went out for a drink, met some people and have fun! -that's what summer is 
meant to be, huh? FUN!

day 8
my friends came today!! I was sooo happy. I finaly had some company.. It was really awesome. 

day 9

you can see... I HAD FUN

day 10

we went to Zrće!!!! and that was what I call PARTY! No seriously, there's awesome. A lot of different people, wow. just wow..
And then we went home, finally. I will not forget this holidays!


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