četrtek, 25. oktober 2012

photo ''boom''

time spent with my grandmother and cousins. 
I hope tomorrow I will have more time to do some photos of myself wearing something cool. I'll do my best. for now, that's all


nedelja, 14. oktober 2012

Hi guys, here I am again, excusing for not writting for so long.. and yes, i'm really sorry, i can't help it.

Nohing special happend in last week..
I need and I really want a boyfriend. I can't even say it with words..how much I need someone. and this is the weather's fault, mhm.
And hey, I'm in love, with a wrong boy again. how nice, huh.

what a stupid person I am, doing this stupid faces and trying to feel better.

I'm lonely.


ponedeljek, 01. oktober 2012


''get to know me''

Name: Monika
Age: 15
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: 
Birthday: July 24, 1997
Sexuality Bisexual

Hobbies: shopping, sleeping, dancing,, singing
Favorite shops: 
hm, topshop, zara, pullandbear, bershka, stradivarious, mango

Favorite foods: pizza, chinese food, chocolate

Favorite movies: friends with benefits, the notebook, crazy stupid love, one day, the quiet, my sister's keeper

Are you depressed?: sometimes
What makes you happy?:  being with my friends, parties, music, SHOPPING
What makes you sad?: every single fucking thing
What are you listening to right now?: natalie walker - waking dream
What are you watching right now?: nothing

Write 3 things about yourself:
- stupid
- shy
- ugly

Favorite drink: tea, cocktails, lemonade

Are you a virgin?: yes
Do you like your handwriting? no
Would you bungee jump? I would
Favourite sport? volleyball, running
Do you wear glasses? No
Last movie you watched? black swan
Hugs or kisses? hugs and kisses at the same time :)