petek, 14. september 2012

iphone 5,love

Hi guys. sorry I haven't wrote for so long but I didn't have time to, so I'm really sorry.
school started, I'm getting used to it. even if I'm not getting used to wake up at 5am, but ok, i'll survive :)

I saw the new iphone and that was the love on the first sight, really.
this is seriously the sexiest phone on the earth. I have to get it. I will get it.
iphone will come in our country this september. that's soon!!! I hope I could buy it. or at least iphone 4s.
if anyone has iphone and he wants to tell me ANYTHING about it, please email me! !

ohhh, this pretty,sexy,awesome thing is going to be mine in the next two months! <3

M !

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