sreda, 26. december 2012

sobota, 15. december 2012


Okay guyss so.. i bought new phone. LG and i love it! So from now on i think i'll post here more often :)

And here you can see one of my first pics with my new love

sobota, 08. december 2012

torek, 27. november 2012

me and my friend made this video in saturday. Hope you'll like it. we were really bored and we wanted to do something good :)


sobota, 24. november 2012

friday, 23. 11.

photographer: jerica crepinsek

yesterday was perfect, really. such an awesome day!! my class had a trip to Ljubljana, we went to see some museums, etc. then we had a bit of free time and I spend it with jerica, my cousin and her boyfriend. we went in McDonalds and there I saw Julija, I finally meet her.. julija is a famous (if can say that) slovenian singer (her youtube channel). she made my day :) 
and then when we got back home I stayed in a city because me and jerica needed to study. we were in library and everywhere around the city.
then at seven jerica went home and I waited for my baby to come. then I spent some time with him.
it was perfect, the whole day was like every other day should be.

četrtek, 15. november 2012

Meet the blogger

  • Name:  Monika
  • Nickname: Moni, Monči, Žur
  • Height: 1.67 m 
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Birthday:  july 24
  • Favourite color(s):  black, blue
  • Best school subject(s): english and deutsch
  • Mac or PC: depends
  • Current shirt color: blue
  • Day or Night: Night
  • Celebrity crush: Channing and Francisco
  • Coffee or Tea: both
  • Favourite Food: chinese food

torek, 06. november 2012

I will just do a quick post to show you what I wore today and what I bought yesterday.

I'm sorry you can't see pants and shoes, Ijust didn't have time to picture them. sorry.

and that's what I bouh yesterday. it was all very cheap, so, yeah :) 

that's all. M

ponedeljek, 05. november 2012

november, fifth 2

oh, beautifull rainy and windy day. but I absolutely enjoyed it. we finished school earlier so I had time to go around with my friend and do some pictures as you can see above and in previous post. 
after that I wait for my dad to come and we went in Qlandia. I got two new bracelets and one new shoes. I'll show them in new post. it was a lovely day. 

M, xxx

november, fifth

...more photos in next post!!


nedelja, 04. november 2012


Hi guys. winter is coming so quickly, we already had snow and it's so cold here, I can't even believe it. and ofcourse, my problem is that I have absolutely nothing to wear, what a shame. I need a BIG shopping and also a big bunch of money. hello christmas, hello Santa Claus, bring me some money! I'm think about ordering lita shoes this week and I'm just so excited! and also, me and one of my best friends are thinking about blogging together, we'll see how it's gonna work. we have some plans, some ideas, hope we will find a way to make them as we want. it's gonna be perfect!
that's all for now, it's almost 1am and i have to go to school tomorrow.

..kisses, M