torek, 28. avgust 2012

i need this

when i have money....

nothing but brown lipstick

wearing no make-up..only a brown lipstick.
it's funny, white line..(hope you know what I mean)
and, I'm wearing ''top'' from Pull&Bear

~a daydreamer
with love, M


I'm Monika and this is my first post- I'm super excited/nervous starting this blog... This is my second blog actually, but I decided I'm only gonna be using this one, and I'll start from the beggining!
I'm 15 years old and I love fashion. I'll try my best to write correctly in english, because it isn't my first leanguage. 
well, witer's almost here, school is about to start and i'm staring with my new blog. it's going to be about everything, I'll post my feelings here, my outfits... I think it'll be a great time doing on this blog.

here you can see three photos of me, just for the start:)
I promise I will post as much as possible!

kisses, M